About us

Pokémon Go took the world by storm when it released in 2016, much to the excitement of fans. However, there were certainly a lot of features missing. As the game soldiered on, we saw improvements to almost everything… except for finding groups.

Our founding members, Razordrone and B, decided this wasn’t good enough. They wanted something more organized, a tool that could help the not just them, but everyone in the Burbank area. At the same time, there were Facebook, Slack, and Whatsapp groups all trying to provide players with a single platform, but none of them provided the full architecture to really support raid coordination for how large the Burbank player base was becoming.

So, together, they created a Discord server for Burbank; one platform to encompass everything you needed to play the game. The two of them cultivated a large community of like-minded players that could come together to raid, grind, and share knowledge with anyone who was interested.

What started out as a small venture turned out to grow into something quite different. The server soon passed the 500 member mark in Burbank alone. However, our players were interested in raiding outside of Burbank area. We started noticing that other areas had players who wanted more.

We expanded and rebranded from PoGo Burbank to SFV PoGo, taking in the entirety of the San Fernando Valley: Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and North Hills. We wanted to give everyone the tools they needed to play the game and complete raids.

Our user-run server is host to a litany of players who are willing to share their knowledge and help old, new, or returning players. New features were added to the already created Meowth 2.0 bot. This led to the creation of our very own Clembot. Clembot is programmed by B and it provides countless features such as raid coordination, trade listing, research task listing, and wild Pokémon notifications, just to name a few! Clembot has even found itself on servers not only just around the LA Area, but all around the country, including Alaska and Illinois!

So, drop by, say hi, and meet some great, new people. You’re sure to find a few friends here!

Our Team

Below you will find out a little about our Mod team. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out using the "@" followed by name listed within our discord. (For example: @razordrone). If you have general questions or concerns, you can always use the "@moderator" tag and the first one of us to see the tag will respond accordingly.

B: Hi, I go by "B". I live, work, and play in Burbank, CA. I love programming and problem solving! My goal, right now, is to learn and make life (yes, PoGo is life for a lot of people) easier one step at a time!
Reach out to me if you have ideas for any new Clembot features.

razordrone: It is what it is.

peyton: Hello, my name is Peyton! I have lived in Burbank my whole life and started playing PoGo when the game first released. I do lots of raids and I am very social, so if you ever need help or want to just talk about anything PoGo related, I am the guy to talk to.

spaceman: Hey, my name is Rit. Before PoGo, I didn't even know what a Pokémon was. Now I find the game to be an amazing part of my life!

0Murphy0 (Jack)My name is Jack, I grew up in the Valley and moved to Burbank in 2017 where I have been playing PoGo ever since. You will normally find me on the weekend mornings out with my daughter getting in some morning raids, and during the week you can find me chatting it up with our members.

phsidefender: An esports journalist. If you go looking for him, make sure to do it in the afternoon. He sleeps until noon on weekends.

AgeTemplar: My name is Charles. I played Pokémon as a kid. I thought I escaped, but it brought me right back.

tinyturtle: I don't live in SFV anymore unfortunately 😟, but you'll maybe catch me in PJs or running clothes around Burbank on the weekends.

BerroxyPokémon Go? Found out about it because of my 3 sons. I was wondering why they kept running out with their friends. Pokémon Go they said. Had to find out what they were doing and talking about! Caught my first Pokémon at my desk at work and I was hooked. They no longer play because I was better at the game! 😳😂 Love this game and love all the people I have met.