This Discord is a communication platform for all players to socialize, share information, and coordinate activities like raids and trading. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone is welcome and included. 

how to join
 If on a mobile device, feel free to use our QR:

Awarded roles

Clembot Pros who can help you with bot commands for raiding, research, trading, and many other things.

The top 3 reporting trainers for region raids, research tasks, & wild spawns from each region. 
Leaderboards are periodically reset

Trainers who can distribute Travelers Card Badges from the Silph Road on Community Day 
Ask a Mod if you want this role

Trainers who have reached level 40 
Ask a Mod if you want this role

Permission to read and send text in 18+ chat – SFV PoGo operates on a PG basis for all other chatrooms.
Ask a Mod if you want this role

Trainers who create artwork for the server such as server logos, community day cards, or emojis. Reach out if you’d like to add your own flair to the server.

Winners of monthly Community Day Bingo