Raid Coordination 
- Looking to raid? We have many different regions in the San Fernando Valley to choose from. Our groups coordinate raids by the region they’re located using our location specific Report City Raid channels.
You can find out the type of raid (egg level or Pokémon), the address, start time, who's interested, who's coming, and many other easy to learn features.

Raid Trains
- Using the same raid coordination basics, we also host trains that run for several hours at a time hitting as many raids as possible. Depending on your commitment, you could join the existing train for the duration or hop in and out as you please. If you want to start and run your own raid train, contact a member of moderator team to help get you set up with a channel and train-specific commands. With our member count always climbing, it is seldom we have fewer than 25 people attending our trains at any given time.

Lure Parties
- Have a stockpile of PokéBalls you need to get rid of? Join us for a lure party and gain that valuable experience!  Lure parties are hosted occasionally by members of our community and are another great way to stay connected. If you’re interested in hosting a lure party of your own contact a member of the moderator team and they can help you get set up.

Research rewards 
- Looking for something specific from research tasks? Our Research reports allows our members to report and view other member’s reports on what is available in your area via research tasks.

Wanted Pokémon
- Having trouble finding that one Pokémon for a research task? Subscribe to notifications for when it pops up in raids or in the wild and let our notification system alert you to chase it!

General chat
- A channel that provides information about all things Pokémon as well as some random discussion between members. You might find their topics vary quite a bit!

Team Specific Chats
- Dedicated to your team? Chat it up with fellow teammates and take down your rivals! We are a team friendly server, but user inspired hostile takeovers with teammates can be a lot of fun, especially for EX Gyms!

Contests and Events
- Sometimes the events in-game aren't quite enough, so we hold our own with rewards. Rewards can be gift cards, special color tags for your Discord name, and more! We like to keep our community growing and love having our members participate.
- In addition to holding our own contests, we also host Community Day meet-ups with our members. Not only do you get to meet other members of our group and in your local neighborhood, but you might win cool prizes!

Pokémon Go Updates
- When things get changed in the game, our members and bots are all over it to give you the nitty gritty details about what is to be expected. 

SFV Coverage map